Process For Commissioning A Horse Portrait

Step I - Initial consultation
Usually conducted over the phone and will cover the following questions:
A. What subject would you like painted?
B. Would you like a headshot or full body portrait?
C. What setting or background, if any, would you like to have?
Race track, paddock, farm, etc., or vignetted.
D. Do you want to include any people in the painting?
E.What size oil painting would you like?

After these questions have been answered, I may offer suggestions or comments which may be helpful
in both fulfilling your expectations and satisfying my artistic standards.

Step II - Scheduling
Discuss a time to visit and photograph your horse. I prefer to work from life as well as from my own
photographs. Spending time with your horse allows me the pleasure of sampling their personality while
getting a close look at their majestic eyes.

I also tend to write notes and conduct color studies on the spot in order to record their coat, eyes, bone
structure, body angles, unique markings, and behavioral characteristics. My personal interaction with the
subject is vital in developing a well rounded sense of the horse which helps me paint a more accurate
portrait rather than a mere rendering of its features.

If a horse is currently in training, I will work very closely with the trainers in order to maintain an
uninterrupted daily routine for the horse. I always work myself into the horse’s schedule rather than
work the horse into my schedule.


Horses                    approx. size              vignette           w/ background

Head Only                 14" x 17"                 $3,000                $3,500
Full Body                  18" x 24"                 $4,500                $5,500
Additional Figure ----------------------------------------50%----------------

Humans                 approx. size              vignette           w/ background

Head & Shoulders     16" x 20 "                 $3,500                $4,000
Three Quarters           24" x 30 "                 $5,500                $6,500
Full Body                  30" x 60"                  $6,000                $7,500
Additional Figure ----------------------------------------50%----------------

Prices do not include travel expenses. Since I prefer to visit my subjects in person and consider it a
privilege to do so, I only charge half for my travel expenses.

Sizes are never fixed and may vary depending on the overall complexity and composition of the portrait.